Course Requirements MTH209-981 Fall 2009

Prof. Apfaltrer (contact information)

To benefit most from this course

You should

  • reserve at least 4 hours per week to read the material and do the homework.
  • do all the homework on time.
  • be ready to read 30-40 pages of the book per week.
  • have a BMCC email address and check it at least once per week.
  • be familiar the internet, how to browse and download software.
  • have a personal computer to which you can download software.
  • know how to login and navigate blackboard.
    • you should download R (free software), which we will learn how to use for our course.
    • you will need *MS Excel* or the free software OpenOffice. We will be using this software as well.


  • There will be one mandatory midterm exams on Friday 10/23/09 from __1 to 2:40 pm, which will count 25% each. Make sure you are able to attend it!.
  • There will be a final exam and a final exam on Friday 12/11/09 from 1 to 2:40 pm. which will count 30%. Make sure you are able to attend it!.


  • Homework assignments are posted in the schedule.
  • You will have homework assigned every week, and it will be due on Monday at 11:59pm of the following week. No late homework will be accepted!
  • Homework will be based on our textbook, sometimes you will need to download some additional files from this site.
  • Exercises to be done in R will be indicated with an R next to the homework exercise number in the schedule
  • Exercises to be done with a spreadsheet software (OpenOffice/Excel) will be indicated with an S next to the exercise number.
  • Exercises to be done by hand, explicitly as the book indicates, are denoted with a T for text. This exercises would have to be scanned and uploaded as PDF documents through BlackBoard's Digital Dropbox. In Blackboard 8, assignments can be uploaded directly in the assignment page.
  • Exercises could be denoted by more than one letter, for example by RST, in which case you would have to do the same exercise with R, with a spreadsheet software and by hand!
  • If nothing is specified, you are free to do the exercises by hand, or with any computer software.
    • If done by hand, then you will need to scan it and save it in PDF format.
    • If done with computer software, the only acceptable formats are PDF, ODT, ODS, CSV, DOC, RTF, and TXT.
  • In either case, homework will have to be uploaded via blackboard. No late homework will be accepted!


There will be quizzes which will be announced in advance. They will be timed and will have to be solved individually.


The required textbook is

  • John E. Freund and Benjamin M. Perles, Statistics, A first Course, Eight Edition, Pearson, Hardcover.

It can be bought at the bookstore or online, for example here.
You will be required to read a chapter per week, and the homework will be based on the book.


Your grade will be split in the following way:

Homework 25%
Midterm Exams 25%
Final Exam 30%
Quizzes/Participation/Project 20%

Other info:

* the syllabus
* how to download software

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