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R is a free statistical package (open software) that we will be using in this class. You should download it as soon as possible from
here. If your computer is a PC, you should download the file R-2.8.0-win32.exe in the link above, and follow the instructions in that page.

Here are some useful introductory tutorials on R:

Spreadsheet Software

There are several spreadsheet software packages available. The most famous one is Microsoft Excel.

However, if you do not have Excel, you should download another spreadsheet software.

I recommend you download OpenOffice, which includes a spreadsheet (Calc), a writing and a presentation software, similar to Microsoft's Excel, Word and Powerpoint from
OpenOffice recognizes Word (doc/docx), Excel (xls), Powerpoint (ppt), rtf and other formats.

Here are some links to tutorials on Excel.

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